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Education & Training

Training in Simple Biomedical Procedures


The activities that are undertaken for education and training is for traditional healers and is described in two phases which are cyclical to demonstrate the work as it should unfold. Presently there are four hundred (400) traditional healers in the Vaal who are on the existing Emfuleni Traditional Health Practitioner’s data base. The institute is a platform for them to receive training and to have their herbs tested. The target will be to train a minimum of sixty (60) traditional healers per year, groups of 20 per session. The districts in Gauteng will follow once the Emfuleni THPs have been successfully educated and trained. Training will then be availed to the other provinces outside Gauteng. The first part of training is in simple biomedical procedures using biomedical equipment


Simple Biomedical Procedures
• The executive office of THPS in Sedibeng are to identify participants as per set criteria.
• Traditional healers are grouped into groups of 30 per session/quarter.
• Only those traditional healers meeting the set criteria will be selected.
• The clinical manager plans and prepares for implementation according to the identified cycle.
• THPS are taught the following:
-General patient observation head to toe examination
-Estimation;TPR; BP; Urine test; Weighing; 


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